Chemical Lawn Care Maintenance

We encourage chemical lawn care to help promote the health and life of the lawns. Each application is customized to the type of grass and condition of the lawn. Treatment programs consist of weed control and fertilization.

Example schedule:

In the Early Spring (March): We apply a pre-emergent weed control, a fertilizer, and a post-emergent weed control.

Spring (April): A pre-emergent, a weed control, is applied to prevent unwanted grasses and other spring weeds from emerging and a post-emergent, also a weed control, is applied to keep existing weeds at bay. Fertilizer is applied to green-up your lawns and promote health in your beautiful turf.

Early Summer: Along with a post emergent and a slow release fertilizer, to help the lawn maintain throughout the summer heat, your lawn is inspected for insects and diseases. If there are any findings we will then quote for treatment.

Summer: – (July): With a post emergent, a slow release fertilizer, and insect/disease inspection this application will include Lime. Lime will help promote the health and color of the grass.

Late Summer: – (August): Another application of slow release fertilizer will help to recover from summer heat and stress. This treatment will include inspection for weeds, insects, and disease.

Early Fall: – (October): Pre and Post emergent, along with a fertilizer are applied to winterize the lawn and to prevent weeds from germinating.

Late Fall: – (November): Fertilizer is applied to promote help root development through the winter months.